Week of Prayer and Fasting 2023

What would it look like for Jesus’ kingdom to come …now? One day it will! When Jesus returns in glory. Jesus taught us to pray, “Your Kingdom come.” Ultimately it is a prayer for Jesus’ return, when his kingly rule over all the earth will be fully established.

But praying “Your Kingdom come” also means praying now for his will to be done on earth as it is in heaven… in our own lives and in the lives of those around us, in Jesus’ church and in his world. Jesus rule always has been and still today is resisted and mocked. But… very excitingly, local churches are mini outposts of Jesus’ Kingdom, communities of people embracing Jesus’ loving rule.

Find all the details and the full programme below...

Week of Prayer and Fasting programme (PDF)

Whatever we do in church life, and no matter how hard we work, it will not be effective without prayer.

Knowing and expressing our dependence on God is vital. We believe that through prayer we grow in our relationship with God as we call upon him to pour out his blessing. 

The main place we pray together is in our Life Groups. However we aim to have prayer at the heart of all our times together; whether it be in our Sunday programme, or in team meetings, or with informal prayer partnerships between two or three people. In school holidays when Life Groups are not running we meet mid week for whole church prayer meetings. Check our church calendar for dates.
There is also a half-hour Prayer Meeting on Zoom on most Tuesday mornings, starting at 12.30pm. Please contact us for an invitation.

During our prayer times we pray for many things, including personal, church, community, national and international issues. Our greatest desire in our prayers is to see Jesus honoured as Lord among us and among those around us.