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Below are some questions to help you think through this Sunday's Bible passage. You may like to discuss these with others who listened in, or if you are in one of our Life Groups, in your Life Group. 


Questions on this week's Bible passage...


Philippians 1:9-11

1: In March, at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, the share of Google searches for ‘prayer’ surged to the highest level ever recorded, with a 50% increase. In an increasingly secular society, why do you think this happened?

2: Do you pray? What do you mainly pray about? Why do you pray?

3: What does Paul pray for his friends in v9-11? What reasons does he give for praying these things?

4: How might his prayer change the way that you pray for others in our church family?

5: Spend some time praying this prayer for others in our church family.  


Philippians 1:3-8


1: What is the best team you have ever been part of? What made it so great?

2: The Philippians were kind of Paul’s dream team church. What emotions does Paul feel towards them in v3-8? Why?

3: In v5 Paul is thankful for their partnership in the gospel. What did this mean (see 2:25 and 4:10-19)?

4: What does / might gospel partnership look like in our church family?

5: What is Paul so confident of in v6? Why?

6: How should this encourage you when you mess up or feel you are making slow progress as a Christian?



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